Signature Series Choice Pack

Last week we introduced the Signature Series Choice Pack. This week we are adding three NEW player items to this Signature Series smorgasbord.

Rare Tier Addition

Al Kaline

Mid Tier Addition

Signature Series Ryan Braun

Base Tier Addition

Signature Series Ian Kinsler

We have added another Signature Series Choice Pack to the purchase limit. Even if you've already opened one Signature Series Choice Pack, you can open another one with the guarantee of seeing one of these new player items.

All player items in the Signature Series Choice Pack can be sold in the Community Market.


  • Topps Now MomentsRelive some of the most exciting moments from last week's MLB action.  Gain XP, stubs, and special Topps Now vouchers that can be used to  redeem Topps Now packs next week.
  • 4th Inning Dynasty DivisionsThe Dynasty Division Moments features your Diamond Dynasty team and  earns you Program Stars towards your 4th Inning Boss Choice  Pack. Complete all of these Dynasty Division Moments to get a bonus Headliners Pack Set 14.

Franklin Fourth of July CFX Pro

Just in time for the 4th of July festivities, the Franklin Fourth of  July CFX Pro has entered into circulation for use in Diamond Dynasty and Road to the Show. Look for the new batting glove in packs and post-game rewards, plus in the Community Market.