MLB The Show Schedule

01.20 Ranked Seasons
Climb the leaderboards for rewards
01.24 Moments Extreme
Earn Signature Series Rich "Goose" Gossage by completing new Moments
01.28 Off-Season Event III
Build a squad with Legends and Flashbacks in 3-inning games
2.05 Forever Event
Final Signature Series player reward arrives!
2.06 Live Streams @ 11AM & 3PM PT
Watch TWO developer live streams about MLB The Show 20!
2.07 Logo Upload Deadline
The Logo Vault will transfer to MLB The Show 20.
2.13 Live Stream @ 3PM PT
New MLB The Show 20 reveals in this developer live stream!
Live Streams Watch developer live streams leading up to launch of MLB The Show 20. Pre-order now!