This week we focused the stadium lights on “The Kid” for our first  ever #GRIFFEYWEEK! We've rolled out 3 new Signature Series bosses and a  host of new content to MLB The Show 19:

The 6th Inning Program brings three new Signature Series bosses:

Earn 300 Program Stars to pick the one that best fits your squad.

Signature Series Ken Griffey Jr.

Ken Griffey Jr. is recognized as one of the most prolific players to  ever grace the diamond. Winner of the 1997 AL MVP award and, arguably,  the player with the “Sweetest Swing” choose “The Kid” if you’re looking  to add some speed and style to your roster.

Signature Series Jackie Robinson

Few, if any, players hold a more revered position in the game of  baseball than Jackie Robinson. Earning the NL Rookie of the Year Award  in his first year in the MLB with 12 homers, a league-leading 29 steals, and a .297 average any team would be made more formidable by adding  Jackie to the lineup.

Signature Series Mike Piazza

Recipient of 10 Silver Slugger awards during his time in the league,  there’s very little room to argue against Mike Piazza as the greatest  offensive catcher of all time. If you’re looking to add some power to  your team then Piazza might be your best bet.

6th Inning Rewards

The 6th Inning Program brings new rewards like the Camo bat skin,  Diamond Choice Packs, custom animations and something for you  overachievers out there (you know who you are). You'll earn rewards as  you progress to through the 6th Inning program by earning Program  Stars.

Earn Program Stars by:

  • Playing games in MLB The Show 19
  • Completing daily Missions
  • Completing all goals in the new 6th Inning Conquest Map
  • Completing 6th Inning Moments

6th Inning Conquest Map

There’s also a new 6th Inning Conquest Map whose shape harkens back  to the early days of the Seattle Mariners ball club. Earn 30 Stars, plus additional Stubs, XP, and Standard Packs for completing all of the  objectives laid out in the new 6th Inning Conquest Map.

Important Program Note: Now that the 5th Inning  Program has ended, the Program Stars you earn through general gameplay  and completing daily Missions will go toward the 6th Inning Program. You can still complete the 1st through 5th Inning Programs by completing  the Moments, Collections and Conquest maps listed within each Program.


Topps Now Moments

For the first time, earn a Topps Now Diamond for completing each week's  set of Moments as well as earning August Vouchers to be turned in for  Topps Now Packs in early September. Earn Aristides Aquino (Diamond, 87 OVR RF) for completing all of the August 5 to August 11 Topps Now Moments.

6th Inning Moments

The 6th Inning Program introduces some new Moments wherein you’ll have a  chance to play as the Bosses during some of the most iconic instances of their illustrious careers and a few opportunities to match-up against  them using your Diamond Dynasty team.


Each Headliners Set 19 pack contains one guaranteed Silver player, plus  three other player items. Increased chance to find Fergie Jenkins and  Nelson Cruz. Limit five packs per account. Previous Featured Headliners  can still be found in The Show Pack and bundles in the Show Shop.


This Roster Update brings more than 120 upgrades and downgrades with two players going from Gold to Diamond:

Story has finally made the long journey to diamond because of an upgrade to his hitting versus right-handed pitchers and his vision.

Ramirez has reclaimed his diamond rating this week after recovering from a rough start to the season.

And some other players jumped to Gold:

  • Sonny Gray
  • Jack Flaherty
  • Michael Conforto


Exciting things are coming in the months ahead. New Programs and  Postseason content will follow the action of the Playoffs all the way  through the World Series. So follow us on your favorite social channel  to stay wise to the details as they come out.