• Relive amazing Moments from past seasons to get 2017 Bellinger and MORE
  • Earn Rookie Honus Wagner through his 4th Inning Player Program
  • Ring up some dingers in the Moonshot Event to earn high value rewards
  • Make it to the World Series level in Ranked Season #4 to earn Awards Foster or Pedroia

Earn rewards including past June Monthly Awards player items in the new June Monthly Awards Program. Points can be earned by completing the Program's listed Moments and Missions.

Seattle Mariners - Mike Zunino (Diamond, 85 OVR C)

Earn 2017 June Monthly Awards Mike Zunino by earning 25 June Monthly Awards points.

Milwaukee Brewers - Jesus Aguilar (Diamond, 87 OVR 1B)

Earn 2018 June Monthly Awards Jesus Aguilar by earning 50 June Monthly Awards points.

Milwaukee Brewers - Chase Anderson (Diamond, 89 OVR SP)

Earn 2017 June Monthly Awards Chase Anderson by earning 75 June Monthly Awards points.

New York Yankees - D.J. LeMahieu (Diamond, 92 OVR 2B)

Earn 2019 June Monthly Awards D.J. LeMahieu by earning 90 June Monthly Awards points.

Los Angeles Dodgers - Cody Bellinger (Diamond, 97 OVR 1B)

Earn 2017 June Monthly Awards Cody Bellinger by earning 100 June Monthly Awards points.

Once you've acquired the 2017 June Monthly Awards Cody Bellinger player item you can work towards the Prestige version by completing Missions and Collections in the Prestige Bellinger Program.

Moonshot Event


  • Left-handed hitters
  • Bronze right-handed pitchers
  • or common
  • Max team: 85 OVR
  • Min player: 62 OVR
  • 3-inning games
  • Difficulty: All-Star

Rewards Breakdown

  • STUBS - 22,000
  • XP - 12,500
  • Total guaranteed Diamonds in Packs - 5
  • Ballin is a Habit Packs - 6
  • The Show Packs - 40

All Moonshot Events

6/11 - 6/23 Moonshot
6/23 - 6/30 Moonshot | Southpaw Time
6/30 - 7/07 Moonshot | Free For All

Headliners Pack – Set 27: Prime Pablo Sandoval

Prime Pablo Sandoval (Diamond, 95 OVR 3B) is the featured player item in the new Headliners Pack - Set 27.
As always, once a new Headliners Pack is available on the Show Shop, the previous pack will be removed.

*Limit of five Headliners Pack - Set 27 per account.

4th Inning Player Program: Honus Wagner

The Honus Wagner Player Program is now available. Play special Moments from his career and complete missions to earn this diamond player item.

Free Agent - Rookie Honus Wagner (Diamond, 90 OVR CF)

Ranked Season #4


The Awards George Foster Legend player item is now a available to choose from the World Series choice pack. Get the choice pack by making it to the 900 (World Series) level in Ranked Seasons #4.
Awards Dustin Pedroia is another new addition to the World Series choice pack.

Boston Red Sox - Awards Dustin Pedroia (Diamond, 97 OVR 2B)

Cincinnati Reds - Awards George Foster (Diamond, 97 OVR LF)

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