•More Jackie Robinson content including a new 94 Diamond player item.
•Switch It Up 1 Event has two great Diamond switch hitter player items for you to earn.
•A new Headliners Pack is available with Prime Rob Dibble (CP).

Evolution Program: More Jackie Robinson

You may have earned your Gold Legend Jackie Robinson player item for your Diamond Dynasty squad. You may have upgraded your way to a Diamond version by hitting and stealing bases with #42.
Now you can upgrade him again and earn the All-Star Jackie Robinson player item. Play special Moments from his career and complete missions to earn this diamond player item.

Brooklyn (Los Angeles) Dodgers - Jackie Robinson (Diamond, 94 OVR 2B)

Event: Switch It Up 1

Baltimore Orioles - Eddie Murray (Diamond, 94 OVR 1B)

Cleveland Indians - Shin-Soo Choo (Diamond, 92 OVR RF)

Headliners Pack - Set 19: Rob Dibble

Prime Rob Dibble (Diamond, 95 OVR CP) is the featured player item in the new Headliners Pack - Set 19.
As always, once a new Headliners Pack is available on the Show Shop, the previous pack will be removed.

Cincinnati Reds - Rob Dibble (Diamond, 95 OVR CP)

*Limit of five Headliners Pack - Set 19 per account.

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