• Legend difficulty in Diamond Dynasty now has a slightly smaller timing window resulting in a lesser chance of putting the ball into play.
  • Slightly more swing and misses for timing in Diamond Dynasty (does not affect timing window, but converts the most extreme timing fouls into misses, meaning an occasional "very early" or "very late" swing that barely made contact will now be a miss).
  • Sinkers and changeups lose a touch more break when pitched high in the zone.


  • Notification settings will now save correctly when entering and exiting different modes.
  • Fixed a memory leak that would cause a hard-lock after an extended amount of time spent in Moments.
  • Limited the amount of times a user can throw-cancel when the play is over.
  • Corrected intro audio for the "Sept 14 1990: Father-Son Home Runs" Moment.
  • Update to a few MLB stadiums where balls hit to a specific region were not being ruled as a home run. Stadiums include Kauffman Stadium, Oriole Park, and Fenway Park.
  • 2018 World Series Champs pennant added to Fenway Park.
  • Graphical adjustments at "Minor League" Bayfront Park and "Classic" Forbes Field.
  • Minor UI adjustments.

Game Update 1.13 is set to deploy at 3 AM PT on 6.22.19.