• Button Accuracy throw meter will now appear as intended on a back-pick following a pitch-out.
  • Fixed an exploit where a user could become frozen on the lineup screen, resulting in a disconnect and loss.
  • CPU Substitutions will now be enabled in Spring Training games (user controlled or manager mode style games).
  • User created pitchers in custom rosters will no longer appear incorrectly as two-way players.
  • Multi-game Moments can now be reset from the Programs menu.
  • Wind Slider will no longer affect Diamond Dynasty Play With Friends.
  • Update to Chase Field where balls hit to a specific region were not being ruled as a home run.
  • User Interface adjustments to streamline the "Hold X to Skip" feature.
  • Icons and Nameplates will no longer be useable once they are sold from your Inventory.
  • XP will now more accurately display per-inning earnings.
  • Fixed an issue where player-lock pitchers were accumulating too much XP per out. Particularly exploitable with "Quick Counts" on. XP earned per out has been redistributed across other earnings.
  • Identified and fixed an issue where a disconnected controller would not respond once reconnected.
  • Fixed various low frequency consumer reported crashes. Thank you for your reports!

Game Update 1.12 is set to deploy at 3 AM PT on 6.12.19