The seventh Ranked Season of MLB The Show 19 begins by revealing Signature Series Chipper Jones!

  • Signature Series Chipper Jones is the new reward added to the Season 7 World Series choice pack
  • Earn the Pizza bat skin in the Division Series reward pack


Make it to the World Series ranking and get a choice pack to choose from Chipper and a few of last season’s player items: Signature Series Craig Kimbrel, Signature Series Ty Cobb, or Signature Series Troy Tulowitzki. Signature Series Lefty Grove and Signature Series Rod Carew have been removed from the World Series Reward Choice Pack.

  • Signature Series Chipper Jones

New Pennant Race Rewards

On your way to World Series you can choose one of these new, diamond player items in the Pennant Race Choice Pack:

  • Jay Buhner
  • Jose Ramirez

Rewards Upgrades Reminders

Don't forget that last Season all divisions received better rewards!  Here's a reminder of what you'll get as you climb the leaderboard.

Spring Training: Silver player (was Bronze), 250 Stubs (+150), 1,000 XP (+500 XP),

Regular Season: 600 Stubs (+300), 5,000 XP (+2,000)

All-Star: Gold player (was Silver), 1,200 (+600), 10,000 XP (+5,000)

Pennant Race: 2,000 Stubs (+1,000), 15,000 XP (+5,000)

Wild Card: 3,000 Stubs (+1,500), 20,000 XP (+5,000)

Division Series: The Show Pack (was Standard Pack), 4,000 Stubs (+2,000), 25,000 XP (+5,000)

Championship Series: Low Diamond player (was Gold), The Show Pack (was Standard Pack), 6,000 Stubs (+3,000), 30,000 XP (+5,000)

World Series: 8,000 Stubs (+4,000), 35,000 XP (+5,000)

1,000 Rating: 10 The Show Packs (was 10 Standard Packs), 8,000 Stubs (+4,000), 30,000 XP (+5,000)

1,100 Rating: 10 The Show Packs (was 10 Standard Packs), 8,000 Stubs (+4,000), 30,000 XP (+5,000)

1,200 Rating: 10 The Show Packs (was 10 Standard Packs), 8,000 Stubs (+4,000), 35,000 XP (+5,000)


Similar to past Ranked Seasons' leaderboards, the season rollover drops you  down a few divisions. Get ready to climb your way to the top with your  best Diamond Dynasty squad!

Q: When will I receive the top 50 World Series nameplate for my Universal Profile?A: Those will be gifted within a few hours.

Q: If I start the new Ranked Season at a level above Spring Training, do I receive all of the lower tier rewards?A: Yes, play a game in the new Ranked Season. Then try  backing out to the main menu. Re-enter Diamond Dynasty and you should  receive your rewards.

Q: Are the player items earned through Ranked Seasons sellable?A: Yes, player items are all sellable. The only items not sellable are the nameplates.