In MLB The Show 20, we introduced Leagues, a new addition which allows you to take control of your favorite MLB team or your Diamond Dynasty team and easily play against your friends online in an organized league. As this feature started to evolve internally, we instantly thought it would be fun to invite Content Creators from the MLB The Show Community to join a league to battle it out. And today we are excited to announce the formation of the Content Creators League (CCL).

In the CCL you will find a mixture of established members of the MLB The Show community as well as new and upcoming content creators. 16 Content Creators in total will be joining the CCL with games starting this Wednesday, August 12, 2020.

Those taking part in the CCL will be competing for a grand prize of $5,000 from a total prize pool of $9,000. But prizes aren’t just for those competing in the league, they are also for those tuning in to watch. Stats are important to watch during the CCL as each week we will be turning on a League Challenge and whoever wins that challenge will be given MLB The Show 20 Digital Deluxe Edition Codes and Stubs Packs to give away on their channels during CCL games. Taking it further, we will occasionally be turning on Twitch Drops here and there, so make sure your account is linked.

Follow all the action of the CCL including who is playing and check the schedule here, and for those wanting to see stats and standings you can go to the League’s page. So, pick your favorites, watch their games, and cheer them on over the next couple of weeks and look for posts under the #TheShow20CCL hashtag.

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