April has been an exciting month for baseball which makes these April Monthly Awards downright electric! There's three different ways to get your hands on them:

  1. Play the new Monthly Awards Moments to earn one pack
  2. Find them in the Monthly Awards Choice Pack in the Show Shop
  3. Filter the Community Market for Monthly Awards Series

The April Monthly Awards Pack purchased in the Show Shop is a Choice Pack! That means you get to pick the Flashback player item you want, but there's a twist. When you open the pack, you will either see the five Gold Monthly Awards Flashbacks OR you will see the three Diamond Monthly Awards Flashbacks. Then, you can choose one Flashback from the round.

The Monthly Awards Pack is available in the Show Shop for 20,000 Stubs and guarantees one Gold or Diamond Monthly Awards Flashback. Packs are limited to 5 per account and only 25,000 packs are available to purchase, which means they can sell out.

Bellinger had a pretty good month. Tying for the most home runs hit before May 1st is impressive alone. However, he also set new records for his 47 hits, 37 RBIs and 97 total bases before May 1st.

With numbers like that he has earned the spot as the "Lightning Guy" reward for collecting all 19 of the April Monthly Awards and Topps Now cards. Bellinger's player item cannot be sold.

Tim Anderson had an amazing start to the season, batting .375 with 6 HR, and knocked in 18 RBI. You can find him in the April Monthly Awards Packs or in the Community Market.

Kirby Yates is a 32-year-old veteran closer who has come out of nowhere and has a 0.60 ERA. Yates has saved 13 of the San Diego Padres' 16 wins.

Yates' good velocity and frustrating splitter can be found in the April Monthly Awards Packs or in the Community Market.

Blake Snell isn't the only pitcher for the Rays that had a strong start in 2019. Tyler Glasnow had a 5-0 record and a 1.75 ERA in 36 innings pitched.

Glasnow throws a high 90's fastball and a low 80's curveball. Add him to your rotation by finding him in the April Monthly Awards Pack or in the Community Market.


You've been earning Topps Now vouchers through Moments for weeks, and now, you can finally redeem them for new Topps Now Flashbacks! Step-by-step:

  1. In Diamond Dynasty, go to EXCHANGES
  2. Inside the Voucher Exchange, feed eight April Topps Now vouchers to receive one April Topps Now pack
  3. Go to the Open Packs screen to open your April Topps Now pack containing one of the 11 new Topps Now Flashbacks.

With a total of 39 Topps Now Moments (total of 40 vouchers), you can redeem up to five April Topps Now Packs through the Exchange. All Flashbacks are sellable in the Community Market.

Among the 11 April Topps Now Flashbacks are two Diamond player items: New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso and San Diego Padres starting pitcher Chris Paddack.


Two new Legends are now available in the Battle Royale Flawless Reward Pack. You can earn the pack by going 12-0 in the Diamond Dynasty mode where you draft your team and go on win streaks. The updated Flawless Pack guarantees at least one of the two new Legends will appear, and remember, the Choice Pack gives you three cards to choose from.

Legend Eric Davis (Diamond, 94 OVR CF) enters the Flawless Reward Pack as a Double Diamond, lefty-killer sporting 125 power VS. left-handed pitchers. His speed and fielding make him an excellent centerfield option in your lineup, along with either corner outfield spot.

Since Michael Young played full seasons at four different infield positions, this Signature Series Michael Young (Diamond, 96 OVR SS) card is arguably the highest caliber utility infielder available in Diamond Dynasty. That will help you keep his bat in your lineup at any infield position.


Play in the new Mexico Series #2 Event now in Diamond Dynasty. Build a team of Astros, Angels, or Common players to earn Breakout Flashback Kendrys Morales (Gold, 82 OVR 1B).

You only need four wins in this 72-hour Event to claim Morales. On your way to that reward, you will earn one Gold, Silver and Bronze Live Series player. Before you build your Event squad, play the Warm-Up Moments in the Wild Card set to earn Rookie Flashback George Springer (Silver, 75 OVR RF)

The Event ends Monday, May 6 at noon PT.


The last set of Topps Now Moments rewarding April vouchers have arrived!

Every eight vouchers goes towards earning one Topps Now Pack with a Flashback. Those will help you work towards the April Monthly Awards collection for Lightning Cody Bellinger. Remember, these Moments will not expire, which means you can always go finish the ones you haven't completed to earn April Topps Now vouchers.

New Topps Now Moments from last week's most memorable and noteworthy games include:

  • Vlad Jr.s Debut  
    April 26
    On April 26th, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. made his Major League debut. He led off the bottom of the 9th with the game tied 2-2 and hit a double which led to the winning run. Player locked as Vlad Jr. record one extra base hit.
  • Arenado: The 1,000th Hit
    April 22
    Nolan Arenado began the game against the Nationals with 997 career hits. He tallied three hits, with his third being a go-ahead home run. Player locked as Nolan Arenado, replicate his performance by tallying three hits and one home run.
  • Paddack's First Win    
    April 24
    In his fifth career start, Padres rookie stud Chris Paddack twirled a gem, shutting out the Mariners for seven innings while striking out nine for his first career win. Player locked as Paddack, recreate his dominant performance.


This week's Roster Update includes more than 90 player upgrades and downgrades, including a big boost for the newest Live Series Diamond: Cody Bellinger!

Four more players are rising from Silver to Gold:

In addition, this roster adds 11 new players, including rookies Nick Senzel and Luis Urias.