Update 1.06 only includes bug fixes, crash fixes, and interface updates. Gameplay tuning has not been touched and we are continuing to monitor it.


  • Fixed a rare occurrence where deep hit balls could bounce under and through the OF wall, resulting in a ground rule double. We also fixed one occurrence where the ball could pass through the HR wall on the fly.
  • Fixed a specific situation where the baserunner would go into base standing, when he needed to be urgently sliding.
  • Slightly expanded the radius that a defender can successfully tag out a baserunner when they collide in the base path during rundowns or instances when the defender is going into a throw animation, while the baserunner is passing through him.
  • Increased the ability of the pitcher to successfully tag out runners at home plate, when the pitcher has to cover home plate following a wild pitch or passed ball.
  • Lead Runner Window will no longer display if the fielder or runner settings are set to "Auto".


  • Added the "R2 to Steal" prompt to RTTS Classic Baserunning.
  • Fixed an issue where a few Legends had the incorrect head, after loading up a year-to-year save from MLB The Show 19.
  • Fixed an issue in Options Explorer, where the pitch result/feedback OSD was not displaying (showing whether it was good, early, or late timing).
  • Various other minor UI corrections.


  • Fixed a crash caused by entering an Exhibition game, immediately after completing a Team Affinity moment.
  • Added pitchers/two-way players to the bench in the Sim Manager. They were previously unavailable as subs off the bench.
  • Fixed an issue that was making the crowd drop out completely for small amounts of time.
  • Various crash fixes.

Update 1.06 is set to deploy at 3 AM PT on 4/1/2020.