The fifth Ranked Season of MLB The Show 19 begins by revealing the fan-favorite Troy Tulowitzki, and Legend Ty Cobb!

  • Signature Series Ty Cobb and Signature Series Troy Tulowitzki are the new rewards added to the Season 5 World Series choice pack
  • Breakout Flashback Matt Harvey and Breakout Flashback Jake McGee join the Pennant Race choice pack
  • Earn the Carbon Fiber bat skin in the Division Series reward pack


Make it to the World Series ranking and get a choice pack to choose from Cobb, Tulowitzki and last season’s player items of Signature Series  Lefty Grove or Signature Series Rod Carew.

  • Signature Series Ty Cobb
  • Signature Series Troy Tulowitzki


On your way to World Series you can choose one of these new, diamond player items in the Pennant Race Choice Pack:

  • Matt Harvey
  • Jake McGee


REMINDER: Similar to past Ranked Seasons'  leaderboards, the season rollover drops you down a few divisions. Get  ready to climb your way to the top with your best Diamond Dynasty squad!

Q: When will I receive the top 50 World Series nameplate for my Universal Profile?A: Those will be gifted within a few hours.

Q: If I start the new Ranked Season at a level above Spring Training, do I receive all of the lower tier rewards?A: Yes, play a game in the new Ranked Season. Then try  backing out to the main menu. Re-enter Diamond Dynasty and you should  receive your rewards.

Q: Are the player items earned through Ranked Seasons sellable?A: Yes, player items are all sellable. The only items not sellable are the nameplates.