To celebrate the release of the 8th Inning Program in MLB The Show 20 we wanted to do something extra fun for all the streamers and fans who watch on Twitch, so we have decided to turn on Twitch Drops for all MLB The Show 20 broadcasts on Twitch! Yes, EVERYONE! Twitch Drops will be enabled starting Thursday at noon PDT and ending on Sunday at 11:59 PM PDT. For Twitch Drops to work, for both broadcasters and viewers, you must have your PlayStation Network and Twitch accounts linked. Just go to your account dashboard on The Show Nation and follow the steps.

For broadcasters wanting to have Twitch Drops enabled on your stream, you also must have your game category set to MLB The Show 20 in your broadcast settings and toggle Drops Enabled located in the Stream Key & Preferences settings on your Twitch profile.

For viewers wanting to receive Twitch Drops, all you need to do is link your PlayStation Network and Twitch accounts, which you can do here. Once your account is linked head over to the Twitch Directory for MLB The Show 20 and start watching, just make sure you are logged into Twitch!

Now go get your Grind 99 on and work to get an 8th Inning Boss, and head over to Twitch and either stream yourself to reward Twitch Drops to your viewers or watch another streamer playing MLB The Show 20.

Update: We have setup this Twitch Drops campaign similar to leveling in an RPG, where the first couple levels can be reached quickly, and as you progress the time required to reach the next becomes longer. The "Everyone Campaign" is cumulative across all streamers broadcasting MLB The Show 20 on Twitch. So if you watched two hours on one stream and three on another and two hours the following day you have reached seven hours of watch time in the campaign. Drops aren't unlocked per streamer, but how much time you have watched streamers who are playing MLB The Show 20 with Drops Enabled.