This year in March To October you will see more variety, more control, and more rewards while you take your favorite team from Opening Day to the World Series. Here are the top 5 updates and changes to this game mode for MLB The Show 20:

1. More Compelling Variety of High-Leverage Situations

Variety is the spice of life, right? Well this year March to October has greatly broadened the variety of unique game situations with which your team will be challenged. There will still be some episodes where you take over at the beginning of an inning with no outs and no runners on base. But much more commonly you will find yourself dropped into high leverage mid-inning situations where, for instance, a team trailing by 1 or 2 runs is threatening with multiple baserunners already aboard. So be ready to evaluate the situation and execute clutch play from the very first at-bat of each game!

2. New Trade Hub Enabling Strategic Trade-Making

In response to overwhelming demand, we’ve increased user agency over the course of your March to October season by offering more trade opportunities, each with varying packages going the other way.  We’ve also introduced the brand new Trade Management Hub to allow you, the GM, the opportunity to influence the types of trade offers you’ll receive.  Specify what you’re after by position and team need; you can even identify certain players to target or shop.  Take control and assemble a team built for October glory.

3. New Gated Rewards System

This new feature is for all you Diamond Dynasty players who took your March to October team deep into the postseason only to fall short and not earn any reward.  In 2020, March to October players will earn Team Affinity*, based upon performance and level of difficulty, at up to 5 distinct Reward Gates.  Mid-season and end-of-season gates will always provide rewards, while each Postseason series win will trigger an additional Reward Gate.  This means you'll earn rewards whether you qualify for the Postseason or not!  Rewards are repeatable, so play and earn with your favorite team as many times as you'd like!

*Team Affinity is redeemable for team-specific Diamond Dynasty cards and rewards.

4. New Call-Up Opportunities

In addition to the trades mentioned above, you will also be presented with opportunities to augment your roster by calling up a hot minor-league prospect. These curated opportunities will arise when our system identifies a hot Triple-A player that is ready to contribute. And with The SHOW 20’s addition of 1500+ real Minor Leaguers, when you do choose to make the suggested roster move you will immediately get a Player Lock game (with a chance for a Player Boost) with one of the actual top prospects that your favorite team is in the process of grooming!

5. New Dynamic and Beginner Difficulty Options

This year we have added Dynamic and Beginner for a total of 7 Difficulty Options. Newcomers to MLB: The Show can play on either Beginner (for a low-gradient challenge throughout the mode) or Dynamic (which will start at your level and slowly increase in difficulty as you improve). Dynamic Difficulty also works great for experienced players. Whether experienced or a noob, Dynamic Difficulty will always work to ensure the right amount of challenge. (Tip for Experienced players: make sure that, at your initial entry to MLB: The Show, you utilize the new option to set the level of difficulty on which you want your Dynamic setting to begin. When playing on Dynamic Difficulty, D.D. Team Affinity Rewards will be based on average difficulty played.)

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** Early Access only comes with purchase of MLB The Show 20: MVP, Digital Deluxe, or 15th Anniversary Edition.

***Active PS Plus subscription required for online multiplayer. Sold separately.