A massive content update adds Future Stars for all 30 MLB teams! Plus, play new moments to earn a classic April Monthly Awards Flashback, and check out the new Future Star in Headliners Set 13.

To unlock Stage 2 of Team Affinity with the new Future Stars rewards, you must finish Stage 1 first. How? Earn 70 points through specific Stage 1 Missions and Moments for each team. Once completed, you are on your way to Stubs, XP, packs and those new Future Stars players.

When inside a Team Affinity program, Press R1 to see Missions and Moments in Stage 2, including:

  • New A.L. and N.L. Showdowns to acquire Stage 2 vouchers for Exchange Missions
  • March To October missions to earn Team Affinity points
  • Exchange Rival players
  • Faces of the Franchise player missions
  • Innings missions with players from that team

Important: All Stage 1 missions, moments and Showdowns will remain available to play. However, you will not receive progress in Stage 2 until Stage 1 is complete for the team.

Note: Leftover Stage 1 Showdown vouchers can be exchanged for Team Affinity packs! Go to the Exchange >> Player Exchange screen to view the newly-added mission.

Check out the 30 new Future Stars in Team Affinity Stage 2!

AL Team Affinity Stage 2 - Future Stars

NL Team Affinity Stage 2 - Future Stars

Earn these Future Stars player items at 120 points in their respective Team Affinity reward path.

April Monthly Awards: 2019 Tim Anderson

Earn April Monthly Awards Tim Anderson by earning 75 April Monthly Awards points. Points can be earned by completing Moments and Missions which are listed in the Monthly Awards Program.  

Headliners Pack - Set 13: Future Stars Luis Patino

Future Stars Luis Patino will be the featured player for Headliner Pack – Set 13. As always, once a new Headliners Pack is available on the Show Shop, the previous pack will be removed.

*Limit of five Headliners Pack - Set 13 per account.

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