The rarest and highest valued baseball card on the planet, Honus Wagner, is now available in MLB The Show 19! Just like in real life, this card is not easy to get your hands on. Only true collectors will possess this classic and unique Player Item in their inventory.

Here's how you can earn the Signature Series Honus Wagner (Diamond, 99 OVR SS):

  1. Collect Legends and Flashbacks
  2. Complete Series Collections
  3. Earn Vouchers to unlock Honus
  • Each of the seven collections now has two new tiers of collection rewards within them.
  • Finish each Series collection to earn a unique Honus voucher.
  • Once you earn all seven Honus Vouchers, collect them in the new Honus Wagner Collection to receive his Legend player Item.

New Moments

Finish all of these Partner Moments curated by Fuzzy to receive the Hardware Flashback Bryce Harper (Diamond, 95 OVR RF).

  • Fuzzy VS. Gallo
  • July 7, 2011: Pronk Slam
  • Rewrite History: 2016 Game 5
  • Trevor, Not Tyler
  • Fuzzy's Fierce Foe
  • Fuzzy's Fabulous Friends
  • Indians Incredible Team

Topps Now Moments

Relive some of the most exciting moments from last week's MLB action. Gain XP, stubs, and special Topps Now vouchers that can be used to  redeem Topps Now packs in early August.

  • July 15: d'Arnaud 5 - Yankees 4
  • July 15: Crawford Crushes Rox
  • July 16: Savages In The Box
  • July 16: Harper's Walk-Off
  • July 18: Strasburg Smashes Braves
  • July 21: Walk-Off Blastellanos

5th Inning "This Week In History" Moments

Need some help earning your 5th Inning Boss Choice Pack? Then  complete these new Moments that are tied to 5th Inning Program  Missions.

  • Willie's Debut
  • 2x Silver Slugger Tulo
  • I-CHI-RO!
  • Brock Rocking 3000
  • and many more! Moment: Pudge VS. deGrom

Get some easy rewards (The Show Pack and XP) for finishing this single Moment that you voted for on

What if one of the greatest catchers of all time, Ivan Rodriguez,  faced one of the top pitchers in the game today, Jacob deGrom? As voted  on by the fans (40% of 9,988 votes), tally two hits and an extra-base  hit off deGrom with Pudge.

Signature Series Pack

Three new Player Items have been added to the Signature Series Choice  Pack. Your chance of getting each tier is the same as before, but now  you have even more great options to choose from. Everyone gets a new  chance at opening one of these packs.

  • Signature Series Bob Feller
  • Signature Series Hanley Ramirez
  • Signature Series Ozzie Smith