The MLB The Show Developer Livestreams starts on February 6th at 11 AM PT. For those watching on the Sony San Diego Studios Twitch page, we are bringing back Twitch Drops for MLB The Show 20! And to make things even better, you can start earning packs for MLB The Show 20 before the game even comes out!

Just follow the instructions below to link your PSN and Twitch account.

  1. Go to
  2. Click "I Agree" in the Twitch Drops section
  3. Click "Register" to login and register with your PSN account
  4. Click "Register" to login and register with your Twitch account
  5. Click "Link Accounts" to link the accounts together

At this point your PlayStation Network and Twitch accounts are linked an you can now start to earn Twitch Drops by watching livestreams on Twitch that have for MLB The Show 20 Twitch Drops Enabled. If you run into any issues, you can contact MLB The Show support.

Note: Twitch Drops earned during the Developer Livestreams prior to launch will not be visible until the game is released.

Warning: If you unlink your Twitch account, all unclaimed Twitch Drops will be purged from your account.