For MLB® The Show™ 20 our focus remains on celebrating team fandom by allowing the user-interface (UI) to take on the look and feel of whichever team you choose and on ease of use. Here are just a couple of the improvements that the User-Interface Team implemented in MLB The Show 20.

Not only will your team’s star players be appearing in the Main Menu, but for the first time ever Legend players make will their appearance.  We have also added an iconic cityscape for all 30 MLB teams, as well as a jersey pattern theme that is carried out through the entire game.  The background stadium images have received a makeover, now a much darker aerial view to really let your team colors and important information stand out!

Road to the Show Home Menu

This year we have completely revamped and streamlined the Road to the Show Home Menu. Everything is now accessible from one simplified screen, with all of your available options displayed across the top of the screen.  Additionally, an all-new display has been added along the right side of the Home Menu.  This new area provides important details about your player’s performance and relationships at a glance, without having to dig through multiple screens.

Player Card

The Player Card has received some much needed quality of life updates this year, including the ability to quickly cycle through all of the players in a particular screen with the use of L2/R2 all without ever leaving the Player Card!

Additionally, created players such as your Road to the Show player will now display a generated mugshot instead of a blank silhouette.


Every year, our team strives to provide the most accurate jumbotron displays possible.  This year is no exception, with the following 15 stadiums receiving jumbotron updates to match what was displayed during the 2019 season: ARI, ATL, CHC, CWS, CIN, CLE, KC, MIA, MIL, MIN, OAK, PHI, PIT, SF, TEX.

Take a look at some comparison images from Atlanta, Cincinnati and Kansas City:

ATL Jumbotron Update
CIN Jumbotron Update
KC Jumbotron Update

Universal Profile Nameplates and Icons

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