Hello The Show Nation!

MLB The Show 20 was released over 10 weeks ago and we're continuing work to improve the game. With Update 1.13 just released (you can read those notes here), we’d like to share with you all some data we've been collecting since Update 1.10 in the infographic below.

And as always - stay tuned to the TheShowNation.com, @MLBTheShow, and @MLBTheShow_Tips for news and updates.

Hitting Totals

3/13/2020 to 5/19/2020

Total Swings 2,945,909,074
Singles 230,465,177
Doubles 82,337,139
Triples 10,326,873
Home Runs 96,875,754
Pitches 4,556,012,601
Double Plays 28,772,919
Strikeouts Looking 31,670,106
Strikeout Swinging 171,343,934

Exit Velocity

The hit type with the fastest exit velocity is Medium Flyball averaging 95.7 MPH

The hit type with the slowest exit velocity is Dribbler averaging 28.6 MPH

Swing Timing Average Exit Velocity
Perfect 108.6
Good 91.0
Just Early 84.9
Just Late 80.0
Early 78.3
Late 73.2
Very Late 68.9
Very Early 68.8
Bunt 32.3

Hitting Stats Post Patch 1.10

VeteranAll-StarHall of FameLegendCombined
Overall Batting
Batting Average
Good-Squared Up
Batting Average
Batting Average
Singles as a
Percentage of Hits
Doubles as a
Percentage of Hits
Triples as a
Percentage of Hits
Home Runs as a
Percentage of Hits
Perfect-Perfects as a
Percentage of At Bats
Strikeout Swinging
as a Percentage of
Plate Appearances