This was a historic May for baseball with the most home runs EVER in the month: 1,135 long balls! Many of the May Flashbacks contributed to that record, including Monthly Awards Flashback Josh Bell. Here are three ways to get your hands on the Flashbacks so you can complete Bell's lightning card collection.

  • Play the new Monthly Awards Moments to earn one pack. New this month - the player item in the pack can be sold!
  • Find them in the Monthly Awards Choice Pack in the Show Shop, but it may sell out.
  • Filter the Community Market for Monthly Awards Series

The May Monthly Awards Pack purchased in the Show Shop is a Choice Pack. That means you get to pick the Flashback player item you want, but there's a twist. When you open the pack, you will either see the four Gold Monthly Awards Flashbacks OR you will see the four Diamond Monthly Awards Flashbacks. Then, you can choose one Flashback from the round.

The Monthly Awards Pack is available in the Show Shop for 20,000 Stubs and guarantees one Gold or Diamond Monthly Awards Flashback. Packs are limited to 5 per account and only 25,000 packs are available to purchase, which means they can sell out.

Bell finished the month of May with 93 total bases, which is the most by any player since 1958 when Willie Mays got 102.

Here are the rest of the May Monthly Awards Diamonds:

Other Monthly Awards Flashbacks from May:


You've been earning Topps Now vouchers through Moments for weeks, and now, you can finally redeem them for new Topps Now Flashbacks! Here is a step-by-step guide to make the exchange:

  1. In Diamond Dynasty, go to EXCHANGES
  2. Inside the Voucher Exchange, feed eight May Topps Now vouchers to receive one May Topps Now pack
  3. Go to the Open Packs screen to open your May Topps Now pack containing one of the 12 new Topps Now Flashbacks.

With a total of 40 Topps Now vouchers available to earn through the Moments, you can redeem up to five May Topps Now Packs through the Exchange. If you watched the June 6th Twitch stream LIVE then you earned yourself an extra eight vouchers! All Flashbacks are sellable in the Community Market.

Other May Topps Now Flashbacks:

All Topps Now Flashback can be found in the Community Market.


Event rules:

  • Future Stars
  • Players 25 and under
  • 3-inning games
  • Free to enter!

Earn Breakout Flashback Carlos Martinez with four cumulative Event wins, and earn other player items by going on 3, 6, 9 and 12-win streaks.

Play the Phenom Warm-Up Moment to earn Rookie Legend Chipper Jones, who is eligible for this Event.

The Phenom Event ends Tuesday, June 11 at noon (PT).


The PlayStation "Days of Play" Sale is going on now. Head to the Show Shop to grab some stubs before the sale ends on June 17th!