Relive amazing Moments from the May 2017, 2018, and 2019 seasons and earn Stubs, packs, player items, and a new bat skin along the way!

May Monthly Awards Program

Earn rewards including past May Monthly Awards player items in the new May Monthly Awards Program. Points can be earned by completing the Program's listed Moments and Missions.

San Francisco Giants - 2018 Brandon Crawford (Diamond, 86 OVR SS)

Earn 2018 May Monthly Awards Brandon Crawford by earning 25 May Monthly Awards points.

Philadelphia Phillies - 2019 Hector Neris (Diamond, 87 OVR CP)

Earn 2019 May Monthly Awards Hector Neris by earning 50 May Monthly Awards points.

Cincinnati Reds - 2019 Derek Dietrich (Diamond, 88 OVR 2B)

Earn 2019 May Monthly Awards Derek Dietrich by earning 75 May Monthly Awards points.

Los Angeles Dodgers - 2017 Alex Wood (Diamond, 90 OVR SP)

Earn 2017 May Monthly Awards Alex Wood by earning 90 May Monthly Awards points.

Houston Astros - 2017 Carlos Correa (Diamond, 95 OVR SS)

Earn 2017 May Monthly Awards Carlos Correa by earning 100 May Monthly Awards points.

Once you've acquired the 2017 May Monthly Awards Carlos Correa player item you can work towards the Prestige version by completing Missions and Collections in the Prestige Correa Program.

Earn this shockingly beautiful Yellow Lightning bat skin by getting 95 May Monthly Awards points.

Headliners Pack - Set 21: Cole Hamels

Signature Series Cole Hamels (Diamond, 96 OVR SP) is the featured player item in the new Headliners Pack - Set 21.
As always, once a new Headliners Pack is available on the Show Shop, the previous pack will be removed.

Philadelphia Phillies - Signature Series Cole Hamels (Diamond, 96 OVR SP)

*Limit of five Headliners Pack - Set 21 per account.

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