If you want your current Diamond Dynasty Logo to be in the Logo Vault for MLB The Show 20 be sure to upload by February 7, 2020.  

Upload Your Logo To The Logo Vault In 7 Easy Steps:

  1. Go to the Community tab
  2. Select "Vaults" and then select "Logo Vault"
  3. From the "Logo Vault" push the "Options" button on your controller
  4. Select "Upload"
  5. Select the logo you want to upload
  6. Name your logo, give it a brief description, and choose a "type" from the provided list
  7. Push the "Square" button on your controller

Congratulations, you should now see your logo on the first page of the Logo Vault!

Important Reminders

• Once your logo is transferred it will no longer be tied to your PSN ID - you will have to search for the name of the logo. So make sure you name it something you will remember.

•Each logo will be reviewed. Logos that violate the PlayStation Terms of Service and User Agreement may be removed in accordance with those terms.
Logos uploaded past the deadline February 7, 2020 may not be eligible for transfer.