The 11th Inning Program is bringing back all of the previous Bosses, and a new Conquest Map. There is also a huge update to the Run It Back choice pack, a new Event called Let The Kids Play, a Battle Royale draft round update, and a new Jump Start bundle found in the Show Shop…not to mention a great sale on MLB The Show 20 and Stubs!

Bringing the Bosses Back!

The 11th Inning Program is the largest of MLB The Show 20 with rewards all the way up to 2,000 Program Stars. As a reward for taking on these challenges, you’ll earn all of the previously released 300 Star choice packs and hundreds of other amazing items on your quest to 2,000!

Updated Run It Back Choice Pack

We are introducing 11 new player items to the Run It Back choice pack for the 11th Inning! So be sure to get your mitts on this pack for a chance to add some of your all-time favorites to your lineup:

  • Signature Series Dennis Eckersley
  • Prime Series Adam Dunn
  • Prime Series Johnny Damon
  • Awards Series Bruce Sutter
  • Awards Series Fergie Jenkins
  • Signature Series Orlando Cepeda
  • Awards Series Luis Aparicio
  • Signature Series Warren Spahn
  • Finest Series Josh Hader
  • Prime Series Chris Davis
  • Awards Series Carlos Gonzalez

*Remember you can earn an unlimited number of these choice packs by repeating the Run It Back Showdown or Run It Back Conquest Map.

Let the Kids Play!

Get in on the Let The Kids Play Event for a chance to earn Future Star Series Matt Manning!

  • Finest/Rookie Series
  • Prospects/Future Stars
  • Players age 22 and down
  • OR- Bronze & Common Bullpen
  • Max Team | 95 OVR
  • Difficulty: Hall of Fame
  • 3-inning Games

*The Let The Kids Play Event will end 11/25/2020 at 2:00 AM PT.

Updated Battle Royale Draft Round

We’re adding a 3rd Diamond Player Round to the Battle Royale Draft for some additional high-level talent to your BR Roster!

This new diamond round is taking the place of a silver round.

New Jump Start Choice Pack!

Whether you are a long-time player or new to MLB The Show 20, get a “jump start” on building your squad by picking up the all new Jump Start Choice Pack! The Jump Start Choice Pack contains:

  • One Finest Choice Pack
  • One Home Run Derby Choice Pack (From Sets 1-2)
  • One Prospect Pack (From sets 1-3)
  • One Legends Choice Pack
  • Three Headliners Choice Packs (From Sets 1-50)

MLB The Show 20 Sale

Get your hands on MLB The Show 20 for only $9.99! Or grab some always needed Stubs for up to 50% off during this sale from Nov. 20th to Nov 30th at 11:59 PM (PT)!

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