• Adjustments made to exit velocities in Diamond Dynasty. High power batters should now see higher average exit velocities.
  • Addressed an issue where the Catcher Throw Meter would not display upon initial button press when using Button Accuracy.
  • Preloaded throws will now transfer when switching players.
  • Wind speed set to 0 MPH in Battle Royale, Events, and Ranked Seasons.
  • Slightly decreased the opacity of the PCI.


  • Fixed an issue where Ladder Training would skip and not award the user with any Training Points.


  • Fixed an issue where users would get stuck in the lineup Screen in Battle Royale which would result in a loss.
  • Set Rewards are now being rewarded correctly in the Shelfy Moments.
  • Updated several stadiums that were ruling certain hits incorrectly. Stadiums adjusted include Fenway Park, Tropicana Field, Chase Field, Old Miami, and Polo Grounds.
  • General UI text and spacing adjustments.

Update 1.11 is set to deploy at 3 AM PT on 5.31.19.