• Fixed an issue that caused the Button Accuracy Throw Meter to get stuck in the red, following a specific bullpen operation.
  • Increase to hitting difficulty in Diamond Dynasty.

"One note on the difficulty change. The difference is 1/4 the gap between Veteran and Allstar (or 1/2 the difference between Veteran+ and Allstar in Dynamic). Another way of saying it is, every time you change difficulty in DD (through matchmaking, etc..), you blow way past this level of change by a factor of 4x (going from Veteran to Allstar is the same as applying the patch 4 times).

Between difficulty settings, the biggest result is you get more swing and misses and fouls on your worst swings. The swing feedback meaning doesn't really change (Perfect-Perfect, Squared Up, Good, Okay, etc..). Difficulty does not change the hit types - what changes is how often you earn them.

On hit type feedback, the strategy guide quotes the user stats from Beta. This is from averaging tens of thousands of users:
Batting average on Perfect Contact is around .850.

This is influenced by how you swing (flyballs or groundballs) and the batter's attribute (a pitcher is not going to HR as often), but otherwise the same idea applies. About 30% of perfect-perfect are HRs but you will get streaks naturally.

Last I checked, Squared Up was around 60-65% hits depending on type and attribute again. You are going to get streaks both ways."

  • Fewer checked swings will hit the ball into play.
  • Pitch speed slider has more range.
  • When swinging early on an outside pitch, fly balls and line drives that would be labeled ‘Rolled Over’ will now be labeled ‘Out in Front’.

Update 1.04 is set to deploy at 3 AM PT on Thursday, 3/19/2020.