his week's Roster Update includes 60+ player upgrades and downgrades, including our two newest Diamonds:

These players have risen from Silver to Gold:

See all of the attribute changes here on the Roster Updates page of


Two new Signature Series player items are now available in the Battle Royale Flawless Reward Pack. You can earn the pack by going 12-0 in the Diamond Dynasty mode where you draft your team and go on win streaks. The updated Flawless Pack guarantees at least one of the two new player items will appear, and remember, the Choice Pack gives you three cards to choose from.

Signature Series Willie McCovey (Diamond, 99 OVR 1B) comes in with big power versus left-handed pitchers and even more power versus right-handed pitchers.

Signature Series Felix Hernandez (Diamond, 96 OVR SP) has the hard sinker as his main pitch. King Felix brings a serious five-pitch repertoire including three dangerous, off-speed pitches.


Each Headliners Set 10 Pack contains one guaranteed Silver player, plus three other player items. Increased chance to find Signature Series Dustin Pedroia (Diamond, 98 OVR 2B) and Signature Series Legend Larry Doby (Diamond, 97 OVR CF)! Limit four packs per account. Previous Featured Headliners can still be found in The Show Pack and bundles in the Show Shop.



The Dynasty Division Moments features your Diamond Dynasty team and earns you Program Stars towards your 3rd Inning Boss Choice Pack. Complete all of these Dynasty Division Moments to get an extra Headliners Pack Set 10. Dynasty Moments include:

  • McCan't let them win
    Leading by one with your Diamond Dynasty team's closer on the mound, enter the 9th inning and stop Signature Series Brian McCann and the Braves from winning the game.
  • 1st Inning Fireworks
    Top of the 1st. Bases loaded. No outs. Play with your Diamond Dynasty team's 4-5-6 hitters and score three or more runs against the Cincinnati Reds before the end of the inning.

TOPPS NOW, MAY 20 – May 26

Relive some of the most exciting moments from last week's MLB action. Gain XP, stubs, and special Topps Now vouchers that can be used to redeem Topps Now packs next week. Topps Now Moments include:

  • May 20: Never Say Die Yankees
    The Yankees started the 6th inning against the Orioles with a 6-1 deficit.  After making it a 1 run game in the 9th, a 4-spot gave them the lead and eventually the win. Entered in the top of the 9th, finish off the Yankees comeback.
  • May 24: Story's Shortstop History
    With his 7th inning home run, Trevor Story became the fastest shortstop to reach 100 career home runs (448th career game). Player locked as Trevor Story in a 9-inning game, recreate his historic home run.

#SonyPartners: Sporer’s Spotlight

Complete all of the new #SonyPartners Moments to get Future Stars Nick Senzel (Diamond, 90 OVR 3B). #SonyPartners Moments include:

  • Sensational Senzel
    May 4, 2019: Nick Senzel hit his first Major League home run in a big win for the Reds. Player locked as Future Stars Nick Senzel, recreate his first career home run in a 9-inning game.
  • Fan Voted: Verdugo's Vicious Start
    Sporer nominated Outfielder Alex Verdugo and Starting Pitcher Spencer Turnbull for this Moment. Fans chose to hit with Alex Verdugo (74% of 6,900 votes) to tally two hits, including one extra-base hit.