Each month we celebrate the top players with unique Monthly Awards player items.

The August Monthly Awards Choice Pack can be purchased in the Show  Shop. A choice pack means you get to pick the Flashback player item you  want, but there's a twist. When you open the pack, you will either see  the four base 85+ OVR Diamond Flashbacks (1:1) OR you will see the four  rare 88+ OVR Diamond Flashbacks (1:4). Then, you choose one Flashback  from the round you receive.

The Monthly Awards Pack is available in the Show Shop for 15,000  Stubs and guarantees one Diamond Monthly Awards Flashback. Packs are  limited to 5 per account and only 35,000 packs are available to  purchase, which means they can sell out.

August's Flashback Collection Reward

This month you only need to collect 18 of the 22 Monthly Flashbacks to  earn the Collection Reward Nicholas Castellanos player item!

Find these new player items in the Monthly Awards Choice Pack:

  • Jack Flaherty
  • Gio Urshela
  • Trevor May
  • Jorge Soler

Here are the three ways you can get your hands on these August  Flashbacks and finish the August Flashbacks Collection to earn the  Lightning Nicholas Castellanos:

  1. Play the new Monthly Awards Moments to earn one (non-choice) pack containing one guaranteed Diamond Flashback card.
  2. Find the Flashbacks in the Monthly Awards Choice Pack. These are in the Show Shop, but can sell out (Only 35,000 available).
  3. Find them in the Community Market by filtering your search for "Monthly Awards" Series.


You've been earning Topps Now vouchers through Moments for weeks, and now, you can finally redeem them for new Topps Now Flashbacks! Here is a step-by-step guide to make the exchange:

  • In Diamond Dynasty, go to EXCHANGES
  • Inside the Voucher Exchange, feed six August Topps Now vouchers to receive one August Topps Now pack
  • Go to the Open Packs screen to open your August Topps Now pack  containing one of the 12 new Topps Now Flashbacks (you will not find the Topps Now Moments Reward player items in these packs).

With a total of 30 Topps Now vouchers available to earn through the Moments, you can redeem up to five August Topps Now Packs through the Exchange. All of these Flashbacks are sellable in the Community Market.

  • Carlos Santana
  • Jonathan Villar
  • Jose Quintana
  • Eduardo Escobar
  • Will Smith
  • Yusei Kikuchi
  • Eric Thames
  • Victor Caratini
  • Isan Diaz
  • Lane Thomas


Moments Extreme is a new set of Moments specifically made for the  bravest MLB The Show Community Members*. Test your limits with some of  the hardest Moments imaginable and earn packs plus two new Signature  Series player items that no one else can claim unless they are EXTREME!

Every Moment offers pack rewards. So, even if you don't finish all of the Moments, you will walk away with rewards for completing a few.

Completing Extreme Set 1 "CAUTION" will earn you 20,000 Stubs, 30,000 XP and this player item:

Once you earn Edmonds, you will unlock the second set of Extreme  Moments. Be warned that the degree of difficulty ramps up here as the  rewards get better.

Completing Extreme Set 2 "WARNING" will earn you 30,000 Stubs, 45,000 XP and this player item:

  • Signature Series Andrew Miller

When you are playing online and your opponent brings Andrew Miller to  the mound, you'll know that you are facing an EXTREME opponent.

Signature Teams

Take a journey through the Major Leagues playing with and against  some of the greatest players of all-time. Complete all moments and  collect the six set rewards to unlock the surprise Signature Teams  collection reward!

This week, play with the Signature Teams of the American League. Complete all Moments to unlock Signature Series Torii Hunter.

Each "Play with A.L. or N.L." Signature Team moment rewards +6 Program  Stars in the 6th Inning Program. With a total of 30 Moments to play,  that's 180 Program Stars you can earn!

Pennant Event II

The Pennant Event II begins today at noon PT. With this new set of  vouchers, you will be able to unlock the second reward in the Pennant  Event Reward Set: Signature Series Sergio Romo.

You can review the rewards and event overview here.

Ends on September 13 at 12:00 PM


  • Hitters: Silver, Bronze or Common
  • Pitchers: 80+ BB/9 or Common
  • Min Player: 63 OVR
  • Max Team: 80 OVR
  • 3-Inning Games
  • Difficulty: Hall of Fame

15 Wins = 4 Vouchers to redeem in the Pennant Event Collection. Keep  earning vouchers to unlock rewards of Signature Series Tommy John,  Sergio Romo and Giancarlo Stanton.