A slew of Content Updates flood MLB The Show 20 as we celebrate Opening Day of the long-awaited 2020 MLB Season:

  • 6th Inning Program & Rewards
    • Bosses Jimmy Rollins, Stan Musial, and Greg Maddux
  • Blake Treinen Player Program
  • Edwin Encarnacion Player Program
  • The return of Inside Edge
  • Opening Day Moments (Diamond Pack & 5th Inning Program stars rewards)
  • 6th Inning Showdown
  • 6th Inning Conquest Map
  • Baseball Is Back Event
  • Headliners Pack - Set 37: Awards J.D. Martinez
  • Stubs sale

Atlanta Braves - Signature Series Greg Maddux (Diamond, 99 OVR SP)

St. Louis Cardinals - Awards Stan Musial (Diamond, 99 OVR RF)

Philadelphia Phillies - Signature Series Jimmy Rollins (Diamond, 99 OVR SS)

Earn 300 - 6th Inning Program Stars to pick the player that best fits your squad.

6th Inning Rewards

The 6th Inning Program offers new choice packs, custom animations and more. You'll earn rewards as you progress through the 6th Inning program by earning Program Stars.

Earn Program Stars by:

  • Playing games in MLB The Show 20
  • Completing daily Missions
  • Completing all goals in the new 6th Inning Conquest Map
  • Completing the 6th Inning Showdown

When you get 150 Program Stars for the 6th Inning Program you will get a choice pack containing these three Diamond Player Items:

Washington Nationals (Expos) - Prime Dennis Martinez (Diamond, 91 OVR SP)

Los Angeles Dodgers - Awards Corey Seager (Diamond, 91 OVR SS)

San Francisco Giants (New York) - Breakout Monte Irvin (Diamond, 91 OVR LF)

6th Inning Conquest Map

Now that the 5th Inning Program has ended, the Program Stars you earn through general gameplay  and completing daily Missions will go toward the 6th Inning Program. You can still complete previous Inning Programs by completing the Showdown, Collections, and Conquest map listed within the Program.

6th Inning Player Program: Blake Treinen

The Blake Treinen Player Program is now available. Play special Moments from his career and complete missions to earn this diamond player item.

Oakland A's - Breakout Blake Treinen (Diamond, 90 OVR CP)

5th Inning Player Program: Edwin Encarnacion

Complete the new Starter 2 Showdown to earn this diamond player item.

Toronto Blue Jays - Edwin Encarnacion (Diamond, 95 OVR 1B)

Baseball Is Back Event

Earn Packs, Stubs, and two new, diamond Awards Series player items in the Baseball Is Back Event that ends on August 3rd.


  • No team restictions
  • 3-inning games
  • Difficulty: All-Star

50 WINS: Los Angeles Angels - Awards Andrelton Simmons (Diamond, 94 OVR SS)

35 WINS: Arizona Diamondbacks - Awards Justin Upton (Diamond, 94 OVR RF)

Opening Day Moments

Play these Opening Day Moments with key match-ups across the league and earn a diamond Live Series player item (OVR 85 - 89) for completing them all.  The player item can be sold.

Baseball Is Back: Free Gift

Go to the Show Shop and grab your FREE Live Series Diamond player item (OVR 85 - 89) as a part of the 2020 Opening Day celebration! The player item cannot be sold.

Headliners Pack - Set 37: Awards J.D. Martinez

Awards J.D. Martinez is the featured player item in the new Headliners Pack - Set 37.
As always, once a new Headliners Pack is available on the Show Shop, the previous pack will be removed.

*Limit of five Headliners Pack - Set 37 per account.

Future Content

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